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Local Ambassadors Program

We’re recruiting a network of local ambassadors to help shape 2020 regional Women in Hospitality United Bases (WiHuBs) where we can gather for action and learning. The generosity and partnership of our Ambassadors will help move us closer to achieving our mission by crowdsourcing and co-create local programming. Our Ambassadors and the companies they represent support us in organizing events, crafting content, sharing their expertise and networks, and inviting our community into their spaces. Interested in becoming an Ambassador? See the form below!

The Details

As an Ambassador you’ll support WiHU and your local community as a host, connector, advocate, mentor, and facilitator. You'll be the regional face of WiHU and work in collaboration with our national team to affect and support change in the hospitality industry. The commitment is approximately 8-12 hours per month.

As a host: Organize and host one WiHuB meetup every 6-12 months

As a connector: Come to at least four WiHU gatherings annually (other than the ones you moderate or organize), and play a role in welcoming and connecting HuB members at the event

As an advocate: Advocate for WiHuB and promote WiHuB gatherings in your organization or workplace. Recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of local members.

As a mentor: Participate in WiHuB mentorship as a peer or mentor

As a facilitator: Help (via your expertise or other resources) other WiHU Ambassadors or the WiHU team as they work to host and design gatherings

In exchange, you'll receive:

Access: free, guaranteed admission to all WiHuB gatherings and events

Network: access to an unparalleled network of leaders in hospitality

Talent development: access to our content and training materials

Leadership: opportunity to represent your business or organization 

Exposure: we will feature ambassadors on our website and social feeds

Mentorship: connections with national and other regional leads

In addition, we will split any ticket sales, so while this isn't a high paying gig, there's an opportunity to make a bit 'o cash.

WiHU Ambassador Requirements

  • 5+ Years of hospitality industry experience. Our definition of this industry is expansive: It includes chefs, FOH staff, the professional services that support the industry (Legal, HR, PR), organizations that support via advocacy, conveners, media, writers, along with folks who grow, distribute or sell foodstuffs.

  • Commitment to WiHU’s Mission and willingness to fulfill Ambassador expectations 

  • Ability to make a two-year commitment 

Click here to become an Ambassador.


What if I don’t identify as a woman, is WiHU membership still for me?
Yes, WiHU membership and Ambassador roles are open to all gender identities.

If I sign up to be an Ambassador, how much help will I have in accomplishing all those things? 
As we pilot our Ambassador program we will work very closely with our inaugural team to support their success and identify additional tools or resources to support them and the program. 

If I sign up to be an Ambassador, will I have help paying for the expenses for the events I put on? 
We don’t currently have a budget designated to Ambassador events. We will support you and provide tools to help you identify and secure in-kind gifts (space, food + bev, etc.) to secure sponsorship and to run successful, manageable events.