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For many, the #MeToo movement has unveiled a crisis in the hospitality industry - but this is not a new story, and the problems go far beyond harassment. On September 24th, at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, stakeholders from across the food space will convene and form teams to tackle some of the most challenging issues facing the hospitality industry.

A first-of-its-kind initiative, the Solution Sprint is a one-day, crowdsourced event designed to drive resources, expertise, and attention to solving community-identified challenges. We looked to the tech and design fields for analogies in collective problem solving, and modeled the Sprint on a hackathon approach. Teams will be developed in advance, and each team will work on a pre-selected project.

Projects  might  include: 

• an industry-wide code of conduct designed for and by our community.
• a set of novel, realistic approaches to sexual harassment training.
• an equity policy that outlines best practices in producing diverse and inclusive panels, conferences, and summits.

The application process has closed and selected projects will be announced on September 10th.